Naime NFT artist

Naime Pakniyat, an artist passionate about Eastern cultures, merges pixel art with traditional paintings to connect ancient and modern life. In 2020, she created her first 3-minute animation "Gambit" which was selected in international festivals and won first prize. She entered the NFT space in 2021, using Persian miniature as inspiration to tell unique stories while keeping traditional elements alive.

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E I T Z I NFT artist

EITZI is a multidisciplinary artist based in Vienna, Austria. He is a musician and painter, with plans to combine both in the near future. EITZI's life has been devoted to art since childhood and will continue to be so for the rest of his life. Visual arts provide a means for EITZI to express his emotions and dreams on canvas. He has a strong passion for colors in any form.

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Paradigmstories NFT artist

Paradigmstories, is a self-taught artist. His work is characterized by surrealistic black and white stories. He explores perspectives and storytelling through his art, using elements like symbols to add meaning to his work. He was born and raised in the Portuguese countryside and has honed his skills for many years.

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avaaaaart NFT artist

Avaaaaart's illustrations are bold, colorful and emotive. Her goal is to convey emotion in her work that people can connect with, often portraying themes of hardship, struggle, and humor. She is also fascinated by the relationship between humans and animals, which often shows up in her work. Her unique style and approach makes her work stand out and leave a lasting impact.

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Luna NFT artist

Luna is an award-winning designer and illustrator who brings whimsy and magic to her work.With a background in product design by day, and illustration by night, Luna's curiosity and creativity are evident in her illustrations that take you to a wonderland where magical residents reside in every corner, waiting for their stories to unfold.

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Philipp Kapustin NFT artist

Philipp Kapustin is a contemporary Ukrainian artist known for his digital neocubism style, a unique blend of old and new, geometry and organic. He creates paintings, illustrations and installations. He has honed his skills over the years inspired by the works of cubism and modernism masters. He is born in Kharkov, graduated from Kharkiv Academy of Design and Arts and currently works in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

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xUEkANFT artist

xUEkA is an artist from Porto, Portugal. He specializes in creating vector art in a very authentic style. As an artist, he is constantly inspired by the world around him and he loves to use his art as a way to express himself and connect with others. His goal is to create pieces that not only capture the beauty and complexity of the world, but also inspire and evoke emotion in those who view them.

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Mpozzecco NFT artist

Mpozzecco is a self-taught NFT artist based in Istanbul, Turkey. He is a Hall of Fame artist on KnownOrigin and his artworks have been featured by MocDA. His works have also been curated by Mecenate Fine Art gallery and he had his first IRL (In Real Life) exhibition in 2022. Mpozzecco has established himself as a prominent artist in the NFT space, and his works continue to receive recognition from both galleries and the crypto art community.

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ideartist NFT artist

ideartist  also known as Neeraj, is a graphic designer and animator from India. In the world of crypto art, he explores ideas using animations. He often delves into futuristic concepts, predictions, and the intersection of science and philosophy, but also enjoys experimenting with other ideas from time to time.

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Vertikal Metaverse building
Vertikal Art Quest


Current Block: 23
The lower the timer, the rarer the NFT Art Piece
The clock resets with each mint

TRAVELER by Naime.eth - Vertikal Moon Art Quest
Minting is free - you pay gas fees only.
Those who contributes a Tip of 0.04 ETH or more will receive perks - now and for future drops.

When the clock reaches zero the Quest ends.