Taking art into a new dimension

Vertikal is a 9,000-foot high 115 level skyscraper floating above Central Park in New York...

...which means Vertikal is the tallest building in the world.

Home of the largest digital art museums and exhibitions. A space where art professionals, collectors and artists, own 3D gallery units, share their NFTs and digital art, and engage with the thriving community of web3.

Create digital & NFT Art

The Drawpad & The Grand Bazaar help  artists create, mint and sell their art for free (excluding gas)

Showcase your Art

Units in Vertikal are the ultimate showcase and sales galleries for minted and pre-minted art

Propel your career

Selected resident artists get invited to showcase their art in public spaces and curated exhibitions

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Finally enjoy your NFTs

Finally enjoy your half million $ NFT collection in a better form factor than your 40 pixel wide phone wallet

Flex your collection

Great NFTs need curation and your Vertikal unit comes with all the tools to show off your NFTs in their best light

Hangout with friends

Hangout with your friends, family or your web3 community in your very own pad in the Metaverse

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Value from limited supply

With a much smaller supply than most metaverse projects Vertikal is the one to own today

Collect rent & royalties

Unit owners can earn by renting out their units to tenant artists and collectors. 1st buyers get royalties for the first 2 years.

Earn & stake tokens

All Vertikal owners collect tokens on the units they own as well as join an amazing Engage to Earn program (E2E)

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Get access to the White PaperGet priority rights to buy via WLGet the latest news & join the Community

Get access to the White PaperGet priority rights to buy via WLGet the latest news & join the Community
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Look who's showing up ...

We are thrilled to have collectors from these art loving projects join VERTIKAL

World of Women

D. Hirst Collectors

Beeple Collectors






Pak Collectors

Art Block Collectors

Bored Ape Yacht Club


Cool Cats

and many more...

More and more people own
digital art and NFTs…

… and should have places to view them in all their splendor. A place to share them with friends and the community.

A place where they can become part of a permanent or temporary exhibit curated by masters who put together curatorial events whose sum is more significant than its parts.

The world needs a Metaverse purpose built to celebrate NFTs and digital art culture

VERTIKAL is just that... a Metaverse designed and purpose-built to publicly showcase NFTs and digital art with a community-first approach.

A 6,000-foot high (1,810m) skyscraper that floats 555 feet (170m) above Umpire Rock on the west side of Central Park in New York.

first Private Sale is coming soon
only a limited number of units are available

VERTIKAL is experiencing strong interest from institutions and world famous art professionals. To keep a balance between institutionally and privately owned space, VERTIKAL is releasing a limited amount of units (or V-pads) for sale to private owners via a White List system

The following types of units will be available for sale in a private sale coming soon. Register below to avoid missing out


Only 1000 available in private sale


Only 100 available in private sale


Only 5 available in private sale


Only 1 available in private sale


Only 1 available in private sale

Ownership of a Vertikal unit will be represented by an NFT sold on the Ethereum blockchain.

A village at each level

V-Pads are arranged in over 55 levels around a central Plaza or Village Green, the focal point, a place for the community to meet, to share, and to enjoy art and life.

Each Level has a unique character and can evolve at the community's direction and vote.

Long term plans include making each level a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO).

Backed by the world's largest digital art collection

VERTIKAL is the permanent home of 500K, the largest body of hand drawn digital art in the world, a rich and mesmerizing collection of half a million pieces capturing 20 years of internet history.

The collection will be shown through temporary exhibitions curated by theme, artist, or in collaboration with other projects.

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The Sky-G Club

The Vertikal Sky G Club is an exclusive invite only club with 555 members which meets on the Moon Deck - the highest private space in Vertikal.

For egalitarian purposes the Club is open by invitation to residents and non-residents.

Benefits of the VERTIKAL SKY G CLUB include access to the Moon Deck (Top Mast), private drops, additional votes, benefits reserved for members, IRL meetings & events, VERTIKAL swag and more…