Vertikal Art Quest


The Moon Collection VERTIKAL Art Quest was a highly anticipated minting experiment that took place from February 25th, 2023, at 12 pm UTC until March 1st at 8:28 am UTC.

During this time, 2096 NFTs were minted by over 1000 different wallets. Collectors minted at least once every 16 minutes for more than 92 hours.

We are grateful to everyone who participated and helped make this first experiment a resounding success.

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The Art District of the Metaverse

Vertikal Metaverse  floating over Central Park in New York at night

A 9,000-foot high, 115 level skyscraper floating above Central Park in New York, VERTIKAL is the natural home for the largest digital art museums and exhibitions in the world.

Our vision is for artists, collectors and holders to share their NFTs and digital art, own 3D gallery spaces, and engage with a thriving Web3 community of art pioneers in this unique environment.

Discover the building
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Vertikal Metaverse building

Built for Art Pioneers and Metaverse Explorers

For Artists
Create digital & NFT Art

The Drawpad & The Grand Bazaar help Artists create, mint and sell their Art for free (excluding gas)

Showcase YOUR Art

Hives in VERTIKAL are the a great showcase sales galleries for minted and pre-minted Art

Propel YOUR career

Selected resident Artists get invited to showcase their Art in public spaces and curated exhibitions alongside world famous peers

For Collectors
FULLY enjoy your NFTs

Collectors finally enjoy their half million $ NFT collection in a better form factor than their 40 pixel wide phone wallet. They can organise, frame, annotate and highlight their NFTs

Flex your collection

Great NFTs need curation and the VERTIKAL Hives comes with all the tools to show off their NFTs in their best light

share your space

Hang out with friends and family, or meet up with your Web3 community in your own space in the Metaverse.

For HoldersFor Hodlers
For HoldersFor Hodlers
Participate in voting in the Vertikal DAO (Association)

Chart the course for the future of the Vertikal Metaverse and its residents large and small.

Resale rights give royalties

Initial V-Pad buyers collect royalties on each secondary sale for a period of 15 years. Holders can also decide to hold on to their units to rent them out and collect rents

Earn & stake tokens

All VERTIKAL V-Pad NFT owners are eligible to tokens drops (after token launch) based on the units they own as well as joining an amazing Join to Earn program

All privileges listed are for renters and eligible V-Pad owners
Tycoon-Pad T-Pad Vpad in Vertikal Metaverse

A place of your own

View of A T-Pad V-Pad over looking New York in the Vertikal Metaverse

Share, interact and engage with a Metaverse community of Web3 pioneers by owning or renting a unit (a V-Pad) in VERTIKAL. Make it a home for all your digital art assets, spotlighting them in a location custom-created to let them shine.

V-Pad wireframe viewsV-Pad wireframe views
Bored Ape PFP
Bored Ape Yacht Club


World of Women collectors
World of Women


Beeple Collectors


Damian Hirst Collectors
D. Hirst


Meebits PFP



We are thrilled to have amazing collectors, extraordinary artists, flourishing communities and pioneering brands join the project.

Azuki PFP




Doodles PFP


VeeFriends PFP


MoonBirds PFP


Cryptopunk PFP
Crypto PUNKS



Time Zone Level in Vertikal Metaverse

swiss watch makers are joining forces to create "time zone" on level 24

VERTIKAL is working with an elite team of Swiss watch brands to create a unique introduction to the world of the fine art of watch making. Each brand will present a collection of timepieces and their stories in a custom immersive space centered on the TIME ZONE Plaza on Level 24.

The TIME ZONE Plaza will be a rotunda, and will invite visitors into the inner workings of a highly complicated watch mechanism.

It will, of course, also be a spectacular place to find out what time it is in different parts of the real world.

500K Collection in Vertikal Metaverse

the biggest digital art collection in the world makes it to the metaverse

The true story of how a simple online drawing tool became a smash hit, spawned the biggest digital collection in the world, and where it's going next.

In 1999, two of our team members, Louis and Peter, launched the black and white drawpad at

Their initial idea was to collect 500,000 drawings for a book, with a planned print run of 12,000 copies.

But, the project drastically evolved when the founders discovered how popular YouDraw was becoming ...

Read more
Robot holding Credit Card in Vertikal Metaverse

credit card AND ethereum PAYMENTS will be accepted for v-pad purchaseS

VERTIKAL wants to make our V-Pad spaces accessible to everyone, whether or not they're experienced in the crypto world.

The VERTIKAL online store will be allow the purchase of V-Pads using a crypto wallet or a credit card.

Check out this space for details.

See Store
Animated Plaza in the Vertikal Metaverse

Custom build an immersive experience for your company or organisation

You wish to build  an immersive experience for your company, brand, community or organization? You have a specific project you want to bring to life in the metaverse?

We make it happen.

Benefit from the VERTIKAL extensive Metaverse infrastructure, know how and technology to bring your project to life.

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