115 LEVELS  9,186-FEET / 2,780 METERS TALL
Vertikal Metaverse  detailed view of  all levelsVertikal Metaverse  detailed view of  all levels
Vertikal Metaverse  location over Central Park in New York

the ultimate address

Location matters just as much in the virtual world as it does in real life. VERTIKAL is located in the Big Apple, a stone’s throw from the global giants of the art world. More precisely, VERTIKAL floats 555 feet (169 m) above Umpire Rock in Central Park, giving the building unparalleled views of the whole of Manhattan.

As well as a unique new Digital Art District in the heart of New York, VERTIKAL gives owners of units the ability to visit New York at any time wherever they are in the world, to enjoy sunrise over the Hudson River or the evening glow as Manhattan prepares to party the night away.

Vertikal Metaverse  floating over Central Park in New York


Location matters as much in the virtual world as it does in the real one. It is therefore no surprise that VERTIKAL is being built in the Big Apple, in the company of giants of the art world. More precisely, VERTIKAL floats 555 feet (169 m) above Umpire Rock in Central Park.

Vertikal Metaverse  location over Central Park in New York
Grand Hall in Vertikal Metaverse

Come together

VERTIKAL includes as many different spaces as possible for public gathering. We want residents and visitors to have multiple locations to discover new communities and new art.

Public spaces are over 60% of the building, providing different and engaging spaces for public curations, exhibitions, events, concerts and community parties.

Vertikal Metaverse Loft Interior
Vertikal Metaverse Hive interior with Soft Touch Skin
Loft interior in Vertikal Metaverse
Vertikal Metaverse Hive entrances on Plaza

Your private space (V-Pads)

Designed to meet the needs of everyone interested in taking part in VERTIKAL, V-Pads range from smaller spaces that can display an individual collector’s NFTs and digital art to entire private levels, ideal for mega-collectors, corporations and foundations.

Vertikal Metaverse Fish Graden

Parks and public areas

An aquarium without water? The FishBowl on Level 76 is one of the many parks to explore in VERTIKAL.

Open public spaces are part of the fabric of society. At VERTIKAL we passionately believe they are crucial in promoting creativity, generating interaction and fostering discussion.

Vertikal Metaverse Plaza

Creating communities

On each Level the V-Pads are arranged around a central Plaza or Village Green, a place for the community to meet, share and enjoy art and life.

Each of the 55+ V-Pad Levels has a unique character, and each will evolve as its community decides and votes.

Plaza view of Vertikal Metaverse Level
Vertikal Metaverse Plaza
The Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar

VERTIKAL’s in-house NFT marketplace, The Grand Bazaar is one of the building’s core offerings.

The one-stop-shop marketplace means residents never have to bounce from one platform to the next to buy, sell, stake and exchange. You can carry out all your digital art activities in one convenient place.

Sky-G Club Moon Deck

The Moon Deck

The highest space in VERTIKAL sits at the very top of the longest Mast, above the skyscrapers of Manhattan - and sometimes even the clouds.

It is where the invitation-only SkyG Club plays host to its 555 resident and non-resident members. Some say the globe at its center is home to a vast secret area, the sanctum sanctorum of the Metaverse …

Sky G Club logo
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