Share, interact and engage with a Metaverse community of Web3 pioneers by owning or renting a unit (a V-PAD) in VERTIKAL. Make it a home for all your digital art assets, spotlighting them in a location custom-created to let them shine.

Galleries in the sky

Penthouse VPad

As a resident (a V-Kay) you own the license and key to one of the five different unit types (V-Pads) available in the private levels of VERTIKAL.

V-Pads are the ultimate showcase and community galleries. They range from the Hive, which can showcase 35 NFTs or digital art pieces, to the Sky Mansions, completely custom designed with the ability to showcase 1,000+ pieces. Sky Mansions are ideal for a museum or gallery - or maybe a whale of an NFT collector ...

Penthouse VPad
Rent and Royalties in the VERTIKAL metaverse
Collect rents
and license fees

Residents who rent a V-Pad can lease to third parties for one-off events and pop-ups such as conferences and exhibitions, or in contracts that span months and even years.

Additionally, the first buyers of V-Pad NFTs receive the resale rights which enable them to collect royalties for a period of 15-year royalty based on a licensing contract tied to the V-Pad. The royalty of 2.5% will apply on each subsequent sale of the IP, which is linked to the V-Pad.

Tikl Tokens and staking in the VERTIKAL metaverse
Earn and stake tokens

All VERTIKAL V-Pad NFT owners are eligible to tokens drops (after token launch) based on the units they own as well as joining an amazing Join to Earn program

Staking mechanisms in VERTIKAL reward staking with Tikl the in metaverse currency to be launched in the future. 

A place for people

hanging out at the entrance of a HIve in the VERTIKAL metaverse

Being a resident of Vertikal also means accessing a communal space to meet with artists, collectors, Metaverse explorers and the wider web3 community.

Create avatar-to-avatar synergies with new members of an enthusiastic community, sharing art, culture and special moments with friends or clients from around the world.

hanging out at the entrance of a HIve in the VERTIKAL metaverse
Vertikal Metaverse building

Customise your space

Each V-Pad in VERTIKAL can be customised with improvement NFTs, which can completely change the look, feel and vibe of the unit. All V-Pad Owners and Renters are eligible for drops of these NFTs.

Feature icon Vertikal Metaverse

These NFTs transform the design of a V-Pad by changing the look of the floor, ceiling, walls and decorating style.

Feature icon Vertikal Metaverse

Amazing additions used to decorate a unit, these NFTs include giant hamster wheels, disco balls and ape sculptures.

Feature icon Vertikal Metaverse

Bring the outside world in  - or take the inside world out.These NFTs range from Instagram viewers to silly doors that take you nowhere. Or maybe to the other side ...

Feature icon Vertikal Metaverse

Bring pets and friends to your unit with these NFTs. Who doesn't want a world-weary monkey walking around grunting at their visitors?

Feature icon Vertikal Metaverse

Cool add-on NFTs that randomly change over time. Add an awesome sound system, or equip your viewing gallery with a paint cannon!

Vertikal Penta App - Manage your space and connections from anywhere

Manage your space and connections from anywhere

Vertikal Vista app

Curating your assets is part of the fun, displaying or highlighting individual art pieces, hiding some for a while, organising them into collections or adding comments and meaning to them.

The VERTIKAL Penta App lets each V-Pad owner and renter decorate their unit with their personally-curated collection and manage the space itself.

Sky-G Club logo in Vertikal Metaverse

The SkyG Club

This invitation-only club with 955 invited members meets on the Moon Deck - the highest space in VERTIKAL.

The exclusive SkyG Club is open to residents and non-residents - by invitation - and offers access to the Moon Deck, private drops, additional votes, IRL meetings and events, VERTIKAL swag and more.

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