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VPad types in the Vertikal MetaverseTypes of VPads on a Level in the Vertikal Metaverse



Simplex and duplex spaces located on the InnerSpaces of VERTIKAL, Hives vary in rarity, size and layout. Their exclusive access to the central Plaza on each Level give them a unique community spirit.

Hives are perfect for discerning digital art and NFT collectors, or for artists wanting to create a focused private gallery. Types are allocated randomly to owners, with allocation revealed after sale ends.



Lofts are the epitome of art and elegance - amazing VERTIKAL 3D Metaverse spaces for curating, showcasing and sharing one or several collections of digital art or NFTs. 

As private spaces with a select guest list and private parties for the invited few, or entirely open to the public, Lofts are the perfect size for a collection with one or two key themes, displayed in three-dimensional splendor.

Vertikal Metaverse building


Huge private galleries with room for the most impressive digital art collections. Lavish reception spaces overlooking New York and Central Park.

These amazing V-Pads are for big players in the NFT space. Exclusive spaces, exclusively in VERTIKAL.

View form a Penthouse VPad in the  Vertikal Metaverse


Only 5 available
in private sale

View of A T-Pad V-Pad over looking New York in the Vertikal Metaverse


Only 1 available
in private sale

Sky Mansion VPad in Vertikal Metaverse


Only 1 available
in private sale

For more information on these exclusive spaces please reach out to us directly on our Twitter account @vertikalmetavrs with a DM.

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