What is the VERTIKAL Art Quest?

The VERTIKAL Art Quest is an on-chain multi-artist crowd-controlled experiment launching in February 2023. We can't disclose all the details yet  - most of how it works is a secret after all - but we can tell you that the platform uses some clever game mechanics and many hidden layers. It's also the first step in a very exciting roadmap. See below!

9 Partner Artist’s are collaborating with VERTIKAL and have created 9 original pieces of Art for the Art Quest along with variations on these 9 pieces. They are also participating in promoting the project, including attending the launch party and taking part in video interviews.

The main goal of the Art Quest is to support NFT artists, promote their work, and spotlight the NFT art community during these challenging times. Through this project VERTIKAL aims to bring greater attention to the immense talent and unlimited creativity within the NFT Art world.

The original timer quest mechanics are inspired by an amazing project called Prometheans. See more details on https://prometheans.xyz/

How does this work?

The VERTIKAL Art Quest is an Ethereum based multi-artist crowd-controlled experiment. By minting a free NFT (excluding gas) participants receive original Art pieces as NFTs created by 9 renowned ARTISTS, and also control the way the project evolves for everyone else. This is how the Quest works and how everyone controls the way it lives

>> Each NFT corresponds to one block on the Ethereum blockchain. Each block lasts 12 seconds (thats how Ethereum was built) so the NFT you receive depends on the point in the countdown at which you mint. In the first 12 seconds you'll get NFT 1 and then between 13 and 24 seconds you'll get NFT 2, etc. NFT 2 won't be revealed until someone mints it the first time.

>> The whole Quest is made up of 90 blocks of 12 seconds each, for a total of 18 minutes. As the timer resets each time someone mints its very likely that the first NFTs will be revealed and the later ones will take more time.

>> The countdown resets to 18 minutes each time an Art Piece is minted. However if no one mints during these 18 minutes the Quest will enter the Dark Side of the Moon for 24 hours and all minting is frozen (cos it’s very cold there).

>> That 24 hour period may be shortened depending on some crowd controlled outcomes (announced soon!)

>> Once the Quest has gone to the Dark Side of the Moon 30 times then it ends forever. That’s 30 days maximum… unless we all keep the timer on the right side of the Moon!

Why should I get all of them?

Part of the fun is trying to collect the full collection and trying mint rare Art Quest NFTs (yes they are there - you just gotta find them!) while everyone is trying to do the same. Some are very rare indeed so will definitely be worth getting as they have very special perks. So you'll be asking yourself lots of questions like, do you wait until the countdown drops even lower, or will someone mint before you?

Remember there's a delay before a transaction is confirmed - wait too long and someone else might get the piece you want. Don't forget the blockchain latency and speed which might create a delay between when you press go and when you get your NFT or which you get. If you miss your intended NFT you'll just have to wait for the counter to come round again!

What will my NFT look like?

There are over 50 unique pieces of Art that can be minted as well as a bunch of secret ones. Some are jpegs, some are gifs, some are mp4s and they all look amazing! These get revealed as people mint them and all live under the Moon Collection so should be related to the celestial body!

You can see all Art Pieces already minted, see OpenSea

And by the way remember that for the secret Art Pieces you'll have to figure out how you get them as they have some very special perks!

How much does it cost?

The VERTIKAL Art Quest is a freemint where you only pay gas. On top of that there is a tip-what-you-want feature which lets everyone leave a tip as a thank you to the ARTISTS who made this great collection. You can choose to pay nothing of course, but all tips are greatly appreciated and will help the ARTISTS and VERTIKAL build more fun NFTs experiments in the future. Anyone who tips 0.04 ETH or more will receive perks for future drops as a thank you.

So who's getting my tip?

The tip jar is split 50-50 between the 9 ARTISTS and the VERTIKAL project. The 9 Artists will split the tips equally so it doesn't matter which NFT is minted first and in which order. VERTIKAL will use its share to buy NFTs from community NFT artists for the VERTIKAL permanent collection and to build the VERTIKAL project.

I got a different NFT than the one I wanted - what happened?

This means another participant confirmed their mint transaction before you did. The blockchain confirmation speed is related to the amount of gas used for the transaction, and in some cases another participant could have paid more or there could be some pending transactions ahead of yours that are not yet reflected in the countdown. You can check a realtime view of transactions on Etherscan.

Is is safe? Who dunnit?

Yes this is a safe project because it's doxxed, it's a freemint so won't cost you thing except gas and a tip (thank you!) and you can check all the participants profiles and community on the site links. Please make you sure you are minting on the correct project though! We aren't able to protect against copycats so please check you are minting on the Art Quest page which is quest.vertikal.art

For information the VERTIKAL Art Quest is run by VERTIKAL WORLD LLC which is a Swiss company registered under the number CHE-456.008.300. You can check the About page for more information on the doxxed founders as well as check the socials.

Where is the contract? Is it verified? Any surprises?

The contract is indeed tested and verified and is available here.

The contrat is a simple one which does only what is described - mint an NFT on the corresponding block in time with the countdown timer. At the end of the countdown the timer ends and the contract is locked for 24 hours until started again for a maximum of 30 cycles - so even we can't modify it. That's it!

The real way the smart contract is controlled is when and with what strategy the participants  mint the NFTs. Its one of the first crowed controlled smart contracts!

What are the terms & conditions?

There are available here.

This is amazing! I've got all the NFTs, so what's next?

Congratulations you are in the running for some amazing perks. There's indeed a lot more coming. Check out the Moonmap below!

VERTIKAL Art Quest Launching 25 Feb 2023
Vertikal Metaverse building
Vertikal Art Quest


Current Block: 23
The lower the timer, the rarer the NFT Art Piece
The clock resets with each mint

TRAVELER by Naime.eth - Vertikal Moon Art Quest
Minting is free - you pay gas fees only.
Those who contributes a Tip of 0.04 ETH or more will receive perks - now and for future drops.

When the clock reaches zero the Quest ends.