VERTIKAL Ai Art District

Join the revolution!

Join the Ai Art District and become a part of a vibrant and exciting community that is shaping the future of Level 37 of the VERTIKAL metaverse.

Ai Vortex is pushing the boundaries of creativity and exploring the limitless potential of artificial intelligence in the world of visual art.

The Vertikal Ai Vortex community (or VAV) is made up of talented artists and enthusiasts who are using AI to create unique and thought-provoking pieces that challenge our perceptions of what art can be.

Penthouse VPad
Art displayed in this Penthouse courtesy
CryptoPom / Owner of Hive #222 Level 64


Stimulate and advance the digital and nft art scene by helping artists create, share, showcase, grow value and sell their art

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    A marketplace (the Grand Bazar) where resident artists can mint and sell their art with no fees or commissions (gas always needed)

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    Private display areas where resident artists can showcase their art (artists need to purchase or win a unit)

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    Public display areas, events and commissions to
    help increase exposure

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    A 1 million dollar art fund dedicated to buying Digital Art whose proceeds belong to Vertikal token holders

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    The MoonShot programme which helps launch new NFT collections by resident and external artists

Vertikal Metaverse building

Get involved with the VERTIKAL Ai Vortex Community (VAV)


The community website is the hub of the VAV community. Entirely run by the community, it is a place to stay up-to-date, browse galleries, and find out about upcoming events and opportunities.

Art Collection

Explore the VAV  NFT gallery, on Rarible showcasing stunning AI art created by the community during contests and events. The art collection is curated by all members, and every contest supports a charity with 25% of sales. 50% of the sales go to the artist.


Join  exciting art contests and showcase your AI-generated work. Held monthly, each contest follows a unique theme, encouraging artists to explore new territories and push the boundaries of what's possible.


Stay up to date with the latest news and announcements from the VERTIKAL Ai Art District by following us on Twitter.


Get inspired by stunning Ai-generated artworks and be a part of the Ai Art District community on Instagram.


Connect with fellow Ai artists and collectors in real-time on our Discord server. Share your work, get feedback, and collaborate.


Discover a stunning collection of artworks created by the VAV community during past contests, showcasing the unique and innovative techniques of our talented community members.


Show your support for the VAV community by getting your very own VAVobot mascot! This lovable and quirky character embodies the spirit of our community, and is a great way to show your love for AI art & the Vortex.


The VAV community has set up a temporary exhibition on OnCyber. A great way to discover the art created for their latest contest in a 3D, before the real place comes together in the Vertikal Metaverse.


Meet the organizers or 'coordinators of chaos' in Vertikal's Ai Vortex community. They are the ones who bring everything and everybody together, making the community a vibrant and dynamic place for AI art creators, enthusiasts and collectors.

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