We are excited to announce that submissions are live for our secret new project. We are looking for nine talented Artists to collaborate with us in this exciting venture.

The VERTIKAL Art Quest:
A Secret Minting Game


The VERTIKAL Art Quest is a secret minting game launching in Feburary 2023. We can't disclose all the details just yet - it's a secret, after all!

For now we can tell you that the Art Quest platform uses some clever game mechanics that have proven to be very effective.

Submit your Art today! 💜

If you are interested in collaborating with us on the VERTIKAL Art Quest, please submit a sample of your work on this Submission Twitter post before the 24 of January

Benefits to participating Artists:
Share of Mint revenue, 1 free VERTIKAL Loft NFT, increased visibility.

Partner Artist Benefits

If you are selected as a Partner Artist, you will be fully briefed on the project before we get started.

In return for this partnership you will receive:

- a share of the Mint revenue (half of the revenue generated by the mint will be distributed between the nine Partner Artists)

- a VERTIKAL Loft NFT (valued at 0.75 ETH)

- increased visibility for your work and Twitter account (we will regularly shout out your work).

What Partner Artists Will Be Asked to Do

If you are chosen as a Partner Artist you will be asked to create one original artwork for the platform as well as seven (simple) variations of that piece (as 1500x1500 pixel PNG files).

The artwork and its variations will need to be delivered  by 30 January 2023 at the latest.

You will also be asked to participate in promoting the project , for example by attending the launch party and participating in future video interviews and reposts.

What will VERTIKAL do?

Art buy Luna Leo

We will handle all the financing, building, and marketing for the VERTIKAL Art Quest platform, and we will split half of the Mint revenue between the wallets of the nine Partner Artists.

We will  promote the project in collaboration with the Partner Artists, and we will reinvest a portion of our share of the revenue into buying NFT art for the VERTIKAL collections.

Art buy Luna Leo
Detail of Moon Tiger by LunaLeo / Collected by VERTIKAL
Vertikal Metaverse building

Questions? Contact Louis

If you have any questions please feel contact Louis, who will be happy to help.

Louis Paschoud

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