Your update on everything VERTIKAL Art Quest

Tick, tick, tick

The VERTIKAL Art Quest -  Moon Collection was a highly anticipated timer based minting experiment that took place from February 25th, 2023, at 12 pm UTC until March 1st at 8:28 am UTC.

During this time, 2096 NFTs were minted by over 1000 different wallets. Collectors minted at least once every 16 minutes for more than 92 hours.

We are grateful to everyone who participated and helped make this first experiment a resounding success.


The VERTIKAL Art Quest -  Moon Collection has brought together a diverse group of 9 prominent NFT artists with varying styles, backgrounds, and inspirations.

From contemporary Ukrainian art to Persian miniature-inspired pixel art, the Art Quest Artists have created unique works that showcase their passions and creativity as well as the fantastic talent and creativity fostered by the NFT Art Community.

Art Variations


Each Artist has produced eight unique variations of their original artwork, with seven available for minting through the Art Quest platform. 3 rare pieces situated at the end of the countdown never got revealed.

Legendaries - coming soon


The 8th variation is a Legendary NFT and will be minted via secret drop and only be accessible to those who own specific Art Quest NFTs ... and fulfil certain conditions. Stay tuned on Twitter for more info!

I0I & I0II
V0I & V0II
THe Moon Collection

Several phases of minting for the VERTIKAL Art Quest - Moon Collection were initially planned, however, after much reflection within the team and with our partner artists, we decided to return to the original concept and limit the Moon Collection Art Quest to one phase only.

As a result, the total supply for the OG Art Quest Moon Collection will be forever limited to 2096 pieces. So make sure you keep yours safe, as they are going to be rare 😉


Art Quest Collectors are eligible for perks on future drops and will gain special access to upcoming Art Quests and VERTIKAL Metaverse projects.

As a first perk, to show our appreciation to collectors who generously donated the suggested tips of 0.02ETH or more, we are delighted to announce we will be airdropping rare "VI0" piece from our Vault to their wallets.

This piece is a token of gratitude for your support in helping to shape the future of our creative projects and the talented artists behind them.

What to look out for?

The "easiest" pieces to Mint were I0I, I0II, II0I, II0II, III0I, III0II, IV0I, IV0II, V0I, V0II making them the relatively common.
Then VI0I, VI0II and VII0I, VII0II are much harder to get the VII being the rarest.


The Moon Collection is VERTIKAL's OG (Original Gangster) collection. This means that anyone who owns a piece from this collection is part of the very first to join the adventure... and VERTIKAL will make sure that OG tokens holders are granted great value on the journey ahead.


These attributes are used in future drops. Stay tuned to Twitter for more information coming soon.


Something is happening here... what can it be? Please study all the NFT pieces carefully and stay tuned on twitter for hints!

Very rare Traveller VII0II by Naime
Vertikal Metaverse building


Vertikal Art  Quest road map

While the VERTIKAL Art Quest -  Moon Collection has come to a close with the final minting of 2096 NFTs, it's important to note that this isn't the end of the road for Art Quests.

The success of the Moon Collection has paved the way for future projects featuring new artists and collections.

VERTIKAL  is committed to continuing its mission of bringing unique and exciting art experiences to collectors in the world of NFTs. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming Art Quests and other exciting projects.

Vertikal Art  Quest road map